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WMWM Endorses Cecilia Calabrese for President of Agawam City Council

Now that the election is over, it’s time to consider who is going to lead our City Council and actually work with our new council members, incumbents, and our new Mayor…in harmony.

I for one, and others that I know in this town have been extremely happy with the experience, professionalism and the knowledge of Cecilia Calabrese.

Cecilia Calabrese has served on the Agawam city council for several terms.
She is very much aware of the guidance, leadership and the “Get it done” that is so needed in this city.

Cecilia is a well known attorney, business owner, wife and mother. She has been a resident of the town of Agawam for most of her adult life.

The results of yesterday’s election have proven that we need real and very strong leadership directing our City Council.
Cecile Calabrese was the top vote-getter yesterday in that category.
It is my firm belief that Cecilia Calabrese would be the perfect President for the Agawam City Council.
Ms. Calabrese was an incredible President for the Greater Springfield Business and Professional Women’s Organization. Years ago, I had the privilege of serving on her Board of Directors for BPW, and had the opportunity to see her strengths as she lead our organization with successful Community awareness, involvement programs and events.

Residents of Agawam, it’s time for an organized professional woman to step up to the plate and manage the Agawam City Council with the skill set and leadership that Cecilia Calabrese possesses.

Cecilia Calabrese will listen to the people of our town, she will present stellar leadership and work with both the council and the Mayor to move Agawam forward for city growth in a very positive framework.
I am asking everyone to please get behind Cecilia Calabrese
And support her for the position of
President of the Agawam City Council!

Cecilia Calabrese is a strong leader and she will get the job done. We have a real asset to the city of Agawam in Cecilia Calabrese. We need her experience and drive to move forward and make….Agawam Great Again!

Endorsed by the Western Mass Women Magazine

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