Community Connections


For the past 10 years, Hilltown Families has organized a community-wide Handmade Valentine Swap, a free event open to all families in Western MA. Last year, over 1500 handmade Valentines were swapped, and we’re looking forward to having more families join in the fun again this year!

What: 10th Annual Community Handmade Valentine Swap
When: Deadline to sign up: Thursday, February 1, 2018
Where: Swapped through the mail
How: Sign up at
Cost: Free to sign up

A handmade valentine swap gives local families an opportunity to be creative together while connecting with other families in Western Massachusetts. Through the swap, participants mail out handmade Valentines to 10 assigned addresses, and in return, each participant receives handmade Valentines from 10 other participants.

“Making handmade valentines is a great way to push against the commercialization of yet another holiday, while being creative with your family and friends,” says Hilltown Families Founder, Sienna Wildfield. “A regional handmade valentine swap takes that creativity and puts it to work to connect families across western MA.”

The swap is intergenerational and cards can be handmade by any combination of child and adult, so if kids kids aren’t completely up to the task, or if an adult would like to make their own design, there’s flexibility. Deadline to sign up is Thursday, February 1st. On Friday (02/02/18) participants will be emailed their assigned names/address of families to mail their handmade Valentines to. Everyone is kindly requested to mail their Valentines off by Feb. 7th. Signing up to participate in the swap is free and open to all families in Western MA. To sign up visit

For more information, visit or email

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