Women Entrepreneur


Erika Szychowski founder of Good Zebra is fearlessly striking out to disrupt the snack food industry. Erika is a global branding authority that has worked with a diverse clientele base from The Rolling Stones to the Olympic Games. Her passion for baking and strong brand vision are helping bring these tasty protein bar alternatives to briefcases and backpacks across the nation.

Dr.Stacia Pierce is an award-winning life coach and author who helps women empower themselves to achieve their financial and business goals. As founder and CEO of lifecoach2women.com, she’s able to reach hundreds of thousands of women around the world and help them discover how to develop their own success attraction system in order to manifest their goals. In addition to small business owners, Pierce has assisted the Hollywood elite, Grammy and Emmy winners, and television personalities on their journey.

Ariana Pierce not only runs Superstar Nail Lacquer and Style Shoppe, an online accessories company, she’s a published author (Skip The Party Start A Business), motivational speaker, designer, and business coach, Ariana Pierce has the tools to help aspiring entrepreneurs create their own future.

Lisa Ximenez, is the founder of Bump It Off, a reusable silicone sleeve that fits on your hand in four different positions, enabling you to concentrate scrubbing power in the palm of your hand or on your fingertips. As a single working mother of two, she is always looking for better, faster ways to get things done around the house.


Wendi Levy Kaaya and Kim Etheredge, two “mixed chicks”, created a product line because they needed it. Then something happened, friends and family started encouraging them to package it, and soon they had a full-blown business running out of the garage. After a little door to door hustling, a few celebrity endorsements (Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson,​ Ciara and more!), and a ton of online customer support, MIXED CHICKS has successfully brought their hair care products to the world and are now sold in retail locations nationwide!

Gabriela Mekler and Maribel Moreno are hands-on mom’s committed to making our lives easier, by delivering an efficient and practical way to organize with mumi. “Amidst school (and after school) carpools, grocery runs, and a myriad of other daily chores, we founded our company in 2014 to satisfy our shared entrepreneurial drive. Being subjected daily to grueling logistical challenges, we decided to create a company whose purpose is to share with the world the liberating feeling of being well organized.”

Hanna Sahlen and Ashleigh Powell have a common passion for travel and living life to the fullest. Axel and Ash was established through their friendship and today their funky, stylish products are sold in the trendiest stores around the world. They’re constantly working on creating new products designed for free-spirited, stylish dreamers.

Melissa Blue and Melissa Mehall started Meli’s Monster Cookies when Blue’s mother-in-law gifted her a 40-year-old family recipe on the day of her wedding. Passed down for decades, she’s been baking the cookies ever since.The best tasting gluten-free cookies on the market, Meli’s Monster Cookies are so good, you won’t even know there’s no gluten, flour or wheat in them!

When Madeline Stuart was born, doctors told her mother she’d never amount to anything because she was born with Down syndrome. Fast forward 21 years later and Madeline Stuart is still proving them wrong, taking the world by storm as a supermodel, activist and an inspiration. Madeline recently received the Quincy Jones award from the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and danced the night away with celebrities like Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, and Matt Dillion. She is starting the new year in the best shape she’s ever been! Next up, more fashion shows and events.

Ashley Whitman created Romp & Roost when she was searching for a large playpen with flooring on the internet to purchase for her daughter. As her daughter would tumble and fall on our floors learning her new skills, she would hurt herself immediately and began to cry even with blankets down to break the fall. Ashley wanted something large enough for her daughter to play in that also had a soft bottom for her stumbles and falls.

Jodi Scott and her sister Jen and their mom Kathy started Green Goo with a commitment to using high quality, all-natural ingredients to create simple, effective products that are good for people and the planet… Food for your skin! As the company has grown, those values remain the core of this women-owned, family-operated business. Their products range from first aid salves to gluten-free body scrubs and soy candles.

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