How Much is that Puppy in the Window?


By: Jennifer Dean,NPD Technologist, WEBBOX CO.Contributing Writer

To celebrate just how affordable owning a pup can be, a new tool breaks down the first year and lifetime costs of man’s best friend
PupPal looks at the costs of food, equipment, toys, medical bills and much more
*What’s more, you can even compare the costs of a puppy against the first year of a baby
Have you ever wondered how much a new pup will cost you? Well now you can find out, all thanks to a new online guide.
Here is your comprehensive guide to finding out just how affordable owning an adorable puppy can be.
New research has found that on average it costs around $1500 to raise your puppy during the first 12 months of ownership.This includes estimated costs of food, equipment and toys, medical bills and professional services – everything your new furry friend could possibly need!
The data also compares the costs of raising a puppy with a baby during the first year with surprising results, The raising of a puppy is eight times cheaper then raising a new baby.
On average, a baby costs more than $13,004, a shocking figure for diapers and formula!
A puppy, meanwhile costs considerably less at $1,552 across the first year.
During a puppy’s first year of ownership, owners should roughly expect to pay:
*Food – $595.98
*Equipment and toys – $418.15
*Medical Bills – $469.56
*Training school – $69.45

PupPal understands that dogs are for life, so they have also explored the average costs of owning a dog across their lifetime.
Owners will spend an estimated $11,807 during a dog’s average life expectancy of 13 years.

Jennifer Dean, NPD Technologist, from Webbox said: “Owning a puppy is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have, as they bring happiness and love into your life.
We understand many potential owners might not know much a puppy actually costs, which is exactly why we created PupPal to help prospective pup parents figure out the first year and lifetime costs of a puppy – after all, a dog is for life!”
To visit PupPal, please visit:

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