Gamer World News Entertainment Debuts As First 24-Hour Fully-Independent ‘Go-To-Source’ For eSports, Global Gamer News, Entertainment & Original Programming

 Filling a crucial void in the explosive multi-billion-dollar eSports/gaming industry, Gamer World News Entertainment (GWNe) has just launched as an ambitious new free and completely independent 24/7 multi-platform network featuring eSports and gamer news, information, entertainment and original programming exclusively dedicated to professional, competitive and casual gamers.

GWNe is available on its home website, and also on major OTT platforms such as AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Roku, AndroidTV, Facebook, YouTube. GWNe will also be available soon on Xbox, Playstation, and many more platforms.

In addition, the new network is launching with a robust social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Twitch, Snapchat, Flipboard and over 200,000 global publishing sites.

Global Domination                                                                                                                                                                                                                              eSports revolves around competition between gamers either one-on-one or in small teams, with Dota2, CS:GO and League of Legends among the favored games. The current eSports gaming industry is closing in on $1.5 billion in global revenues and is experiencing a staggering 22% annual growth rate. Recent stats show Asia is the leading eSports market with over $320 million in revenue, while North America is at about $225 million, and Europe is close to $175 million.

Considered by many to be the future of eSports, female gamers continue to play an increasingly essential role in the industry, with 40% or more of eSports enthusiasts today being female in many parts of the world – a percentage that is certain to keep climbing significantly in the future.

The Definitive Resource For eSports & Gamer News                                                                                                                                                                        Blending the best of a network news platform such as CNN International with in-depth high gloss magazine style feature stories, GWNe provides eSports and gamer news coverage that spans both the industry and the world. Offering an unprecedented blend of live, packaged and produced content using Avid’s NSYNC2 motion tracking with gamer engine technology and backed by high-end graphics, GWNe features breaking news from the very latest in professional and competitive eSports, global gamer news, reviews, scores, the latest gamer-related tech, health and psychology stories, interviews with top teams, leagues, publishers and renowned gamers, player tips, cultural features, and exclusive trend segments.

In addition, GWNe will soon offer a premium insider admission for special access to elite gamer content from pros and competitive gamers around the world.

A Fresh Perspective

GWNe’s team of newscasters includes a talented group of gaming enthusiasts and entertainment industry personalities comprised of Michelle Jubilee, Andrew Anderson, Sheri Nadel, Brian Hanford, Tian Wang, Jordy Altman and Rob “Capt. Rob” Steinberg – all of whom offer their own fresh, informed and occasionally controversial perspectives on the fast-growing eSports and gamer universe. Among the many fun and provocative regular features on the GWNe network are outspoken “Point and Counterpoint” opinion segments featuring “Capt. Rob” and Tian Wang.

GWNe will also be home to a boldly original new series entitled “The Fall Out” inspired by some of the most popular post-apocalyptic video games, including Metro, Wasteland, Borderland, Fallout4 and Deux Ex. The pilot episode features Quinton Aaron, who soared to fame as the adopted son of Academy Award-winner Sandra Bullock in “The Blind Side.” More details about the show will be announced shortly.

The Neutral & Independent Voice of eSports

Unlike the many eSports or gamer news resources that are affiliated with publishers (video game manufacturers) who predictably favor select products and competitions, GWNe stands out as an entirely independent network whose only mandate is to present professional eSports, gamer news, feature stories and diverse programming in the most timely, unbiased, informative and entertaining manner possible.

Moreover, while many eSports news resources cater solely to a very select group of professional players and specific games, GWNe is readily accessible to the entire global audience of professional eSports, competitive, casual gamers and VR enthusiasts – a group that includes Gen Xers and baby boomers who enjoy playing online, on their own or with their kids.

Perhaps most importantly, all GWNe content will always be presented in an authentic gamer’s voice by people with a genuine passion for eSports and game content with a commitment to presenting stories that appeal to male and female gamers of all ages, interests, skill levels and geographic locations.

Leading The Way                                                                                                                                                                                                               

With a multi-faceted, long-term business model that includes advertising, sponsorships, syndicated content, special events, strategic partnerships and branded merchandise, GWNe was created by highly respected entertainment veteran and television syndicator and producer, Gayle Dickie.

GWNe’s strategic distribution partner is Lightcast (, an innovative digital technology company that seamlessly delivers compelling video and live event content throughout today’s global media universe. As a leading Multi-Platform OVP and Content Management System, will deliver GWNe’s on-demand and live-stream content to viewers on every screen and device, including AppleTV, Roku, AndroidTV and Amazon FireTV.

GWNe’s additional strategic distribution and monetization partner is Eyez (, a leading eSports video technology company that serves eSports content creators by providing new digital distribution opportunities, revenue channels, actionable audience insights and analytics. With the phenomenal global growth of eSports for professionals, competitive and casual gamers, this full technology stack (DMP, DSP, SSP) enables players, teams, game publishers, leagues and venues to grow their respective brands and audiences, with a focus on growing sponsorship and advertising revenue.

Co-Founders Dave Fisch and CJ Bowden, digital advertising entrepreneurs and operators, have worked with hundreds of advertisers with proven success on over 60,000 campaigns.  Dave Fisch explains, “This is clearly the focus the eSports and gamer world needs with a winning combination of premium top tier news from GWNe and our ability to monetize and distribute for the entire eco-system.’

Filling The Void In eSports News                                                                                                                                                                                                         Commenting on the launch of GWNe, Dave Fisch, Co-Founder of EYEZ.GG said, “This is a brilliant idea that’s long overdue. Supported by very impressive on-air hosts and a creative production team, Gayle has taken the time to create a network that looks and feels authentic with ’state of the art’ gamer technology and high quality production value with a truly riveting array of channels, giving gamers and eSports companies like ours the news and insights we need to stay on top of the eSports and gamer world globally. Here’s to a bright and successful future for GWNe!”

Added GWNe founder Gayle Dickie, “eSports is an undeniably explosive market that’s been underserved for far too long when it comes to quality news and original programming. My profound gratitude to everyone on the GWNe team and our valued investors for bringing this launch about as we look forward to being the true global independent leading news source for eSports proscompetitive players, everyday gamers, fans and advertisers around the world for many, many years to come.”


Fear of automation could be affecting workers health

By…Pankaj C. Patela, Srikant Devaraj, Michael J. Hicks, Emily J. Wornell…Contributing Writers

The fear that a robot or computer could put workers in the unemployment line may be directly linked to some physical and mental health issues, says three Ball State University researchers and a Villanova University professor.

“County-level job automation risk and health: Evidence from the United States,” published in the journal Social Science and Medicine, found that exposure to automation risk may be negatively associated with health outcomes, plausibly through perceptions of poorer job security.
The research was conducted by Srikant Devaraj, a research assistant professor with Ball State’s Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER); Michael Hicks, CBER director; Emily J. Wornell, a research assistant professor with Ball State’s Indiana Communities Institute; and Pankaj C. Patel with Villanova University.

“While estimates of potential job losses due to automation vary for our nation— with one as high as 47 percent—most people agree that the risk of automation is significant and growing,” said Hicks, who found in 2015 that job losses in the nation’s manufacturing sectors due to automation were as high as 88 percent in recent years. “People who live and work in areas where automation is taking place are sickened by the thought of losing their jobs and having no way of providing for themselves or their families.”

In this study, researchers found that a 10-percentage-point increase in automation risk at the county-level worsens general, physical and mental health by 2.38 percentage point, 0.8 percentage point, and 0.6 percentage point, respectively.

Further, the study estimates that the 10-percentage point increase in automation risk increases overall costs by $24 million to $174 million due to increase in prevalence of poor or fair health; $6 million to $40 million due to increased physical distress, and $7 to $47 million due to increased mental distress.

The study also found that the Southern region of U.S. appears to have a higher percentage of people with worse health from exposure to automation risk. The Plains, the Midwest, and the New England regions have better health outcomes. However, there is significant heterogeneity in health outcomes across the Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions. These patterns are consistent with general health patterns in the nation—health conditions are worse in the Southern U.S., and positive in the Plains, Midwest, New England, and the West Coast.

Given these consistencies, historic regional effects could be strengthening the influence of automation risk on health outcomes, researchers found.

“The actual and felt threats from automation may not immediately manifest into morbidities, but the increasing prevalence of poorer self-reported health and feelings of deteriorating physical and mental health can have a direct and lasting impact on individuals, families, and communities,” he said. “While we cannot fully unpack the black box between county-level automation risk and health, nevertheless, it is important for policymakers to understand the health effects of automation risk.”

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Equal Pay Day: Time to Celebrate Opportunity American Economy Affords Women and Men

Carrie Lukas, President of Independent Women’s Forum, released the following statement for Equal Pay Day, taking place on April 10:

“Today–like every other day of the year–American women are working hard to support their families and communities and pursue their own vision of happiness. In the process, they make America a stronger and better country. That deserves celebration.”

“Americans often make different choices about what kind of work to pursue. For instance, when considering job opportunities, maximizing pay isn’t always a first priority. Often women seek job options that have more flexible hours, so they can be there to welcome their kids off the bus. Many women look for jobs that they find personally rewarding, even if that means accepting lower pay.”

“There is nothing wrong with men and women having different priorities. Taken together, the choices that millions of individual men and women make about what kind of work opportunities to pursue mean that, on average, women earn less take home pay than men do. That’s what you see boiled down into the infamous wage gap statistic.”


“Some with a political agenda try to convince people–particularly women–that this statistic is evidence that America is fundamentally sexist and short-changing women. That’s wrong. It’s simply not true to suggest that these statistics are a proxy for gender discrimination. Moreover, it’s unhelpful to American women to encourage them to think that they are inevitably going to be wronged, rather than encouraging them to be aware of how the choices they make about what fields to enter, specialties to pursue, and time they dedicate to their professions will impact their earnings potential.”

“It’s time to put behind this misleading false holiday, recognize that every day is equal pay day, and celebrate all the opportunity that the American economy affords women and men.”

Independent Women’s Forum just released a takeaways document explaining the real drivers behind the pay gap.

Independent Women’s Forum is dedicated to developing and advancing policies that aren’t just well intended, but actually enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities.



Two-Year-Old Western Massachusetts Nonprofit Celebrates Helping Total of More than 300 Chained Dogs

Article written by: Robert Blizard…
She wasn’t allowed to have a dog as a child and once worked as a receptionist for the hit music group Hall & Oates, but, decades later, Unchain America founder and president Robin Budin has helped improve the lives of more than 300 dogs since launching the nationwide nonprofit in 2016.

“We are so far at 60 dogs assisted as of March 31 this year and we helped 150 last year,” she said. Unchain America has at least one or two volunteers in every state, according to Budin, who lives in the small western Massachusetts town of Longmeadow.

With a mission to “help chained, penned, caged, stray or surrendered dogs in their most desperate time of need,” Unchain America coaches animal lovers who want to save a dog from a life of misery spent on a short tether or in a small fenced enclosure. People from coast to coast contact the organization to report a dog(s) in inhumane conditions, seek advice on interacting with the owner or animal control as a means of getting the animal(s) out of the situation, and/or ultimately find a forever home for the dog(s).

“No dog should ever suffer at the end of a chain or be tortured in a pen. There is no such thing as an outdoor-only dog,” Budin said. “All dogs are family members who belong inside. They should be loved, bathed, fed, trained, walked, and sleep in a dog bed or your own bed.”

After learning about the plight of chained dogs through Hurricane Katrina coverage, she reached out to Dogs Deserve Better (DDB), a group that also rescues dogs living outdoors in poor conditions. For DDB, she served as a volunteer and in a staff role as national rescue coordinator.

“I would check on chained or penned dogs if e-mails came into headquarters as a DDB representative for Massachusetts and Connecticut,” she said. She also increased the Facebook page’s number of likes from 150,000 to 750,000.

After seven years of service with DDB, she launched the eponymous organization Robin Budin Rescue to help more canines. As donations picked up, Budin changed the name to Unchain America and obtained 501c3 charity status through the IRS. In early 2018, the group celebrated helping its 300th dog.

What led her to this life of doing so much to save man’s best friend? Budin worked in the music business in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She worked for acts including Hall & Oates, Aerosmith and Ted Nugent. Her background also comprises stints in insurance, banking, marketing and work behind the scenes on Broadway’s “Beatlemania.” Later, she began volunteering to transport pitbulls and other dogs from Florida to rescue groups and shelters in the Northeast that would find forever homes.

Her personal pets have included several Cavalier King Charles spaniels, chocolate Labrador retrievers (one of whom she found on the street), an American Staffordshire terrier, and even some cats.

Callie, a formerly chained Alaskan husky who was tied in a pen with 110 other huskies and husky mixes, was another companion.

“When she came to us, she was about two years old, very shy, and emaciated. Callie has come a long way in the seven years our family has shared their lives with her,” she said.

Later, Budin rescued Lulu from an RV park in Mississippi, where she was going to be shot.

Knowing the joy of rescuing chained or penned dogs and seeing them blossom into the loving pets they were meant to be, Budin’s charity offers an America 2018 Fund to individuals and dog rescue groups willing to unchain a dog, find a foster, and secure an adoptive home.

“The America 2018 Fund will pay up to $250 directly to the veterinarian to cover vaccines, exams, de-wormer, a heartworm test, and spay or neuter,” she explained.

Unchain America also occasionally asks for contributions to cover expensive and lengthy treatments for heartworm-positive dogs. Typically, funds are generated via the group’s Facebook page with more than 5,400 followers.


How Much is that Puppy in the Window?


By: Jennifer Dean,NPD Technologist, WEBBOX CO.Contributing Writer

To celebrate just how affordable owning a pup can be, a new tool breaks down the first year and lifetime costs of man’s best friend
PupPal looks at the costs of food, equipment, toys, medical bills and much more
*What’s more, you can even compare the costs of a puppy against the first year of a baby
Have you ever wondered how much a new pup will cost you? Well now you can find out, all thanks to a new online guide.
Here is your comprehensive guide to finding out just how affordable owning an adorable puppy can be.
New research has found that on average it costs around $1500 to raise your puppy during the first 12 months of ownership.This includes estimated costs of food, equipment and toys, medical bills and professional services – everything your new furry friend could possibly need!
The data also compares the costs of raising a puppy with a baby during the first year with surprising results, The raising of a puppy is eight times cheaper then raising a new baby.
On average, a baby costs more than $13,004, a shocking figure for diapers and formula!
A puppy, meanwhile costs considerably less at $1,552 across the first year.
During a puppy’s first year of ownership, owners should roughly expect to pay:
*Food – $595.98
*Equipment and toys – $418.15
*Medical Bills – $469.56
*Training school – $69.45

PupPal understands that dogs are for life, so they have also explored the average costs of owning a dog across their lifetime.
Owners will spend an estimated $11,807 during a dog’s average life expectancy of 13 years.

Jennifer Dean, NPD Technologist, from Webbox said: “Owning a puppy is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have, as they bring happiness and love into your life.
We understand many potential owners might not know much a puppy actually costs, which is exactly why we created PupPal to help prospective pup parents figure out the first year and lifetime costs of a puppy – after all, a dog is for life!”
To visit PupPal, please visit:


How to have the “Perfect” Proposal

By Paul Becker owner,

Diamonds& Fine Jewelry, Contributing Writer

With love and romance in the air, Valentine’s Day ranks as one of the most popular dates to pop the question. For almost 40 years the engagement experts at Becker’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry have helped thousands of prospective couples have a fairy-tale engagement story to tell. From a puppy proposal to a scavenger hunt, future fiancés have crafted countless creative ways to ask “Will you marry me?”

Proposals keep getting more elaborate, and now with a Royal wedding in the works, the pressure is on to make the bride-to-be feel like a princess,” said Paul Becker, Owner and President of Becker’s. “Our experienced team members strive to at least simplify the ring buying process by finding the perfect ring or designing a custom ring to match the proposal.”

Becker suggests hiring a photographer to capture the moment of getting down on one knee and offers some unique themes:

1. Scavenger Hunt

Create clues that send your partner to a few places that are meaningful to your relationship, ultimately leading to the proposal location. Along the way, leave notes describing what each place or stop signifies.  Example: “Go to the coffee shop we first met”, then the next clue is written on the coffee cup, and so on. This is ideal for couples who have places they visit often or that are special to them.

2. Puppy (Or Kitty) Proposals

For a couple that has a dog or cat, place a custom made “Will You Marry Me?” tag on the collar and tie the ring to it, then simply direct the girl to look at it. Or if the girl has been begging for a dog or cat, give the pet as a gift and instruct her to look at its collar for the name, where she’ll see the message and ring.

3. Photo Shoot Surprise

If she loves taking photos together, schedule a professional couple’s photo shoot and pop the question in the middle of the session. This ensures the authentic moment will be captured forever.

4. Custom Photo Puzzle

A favorite photo of the two of you with the text “Will You Marry Me?” can easily be made into puzzle and ordered online. Put the puzzle together and voila! It’s a good idea to get a blank box and tell her the image is a surprise as to not give it away.

5. One-of-a-Kind: Solar Eclipse Proposal

One of our customers proposed during the total solar eclipse, which was an event very special to both him and his now fiancée,” said Becker. “This unique proposal was specifically planned at a time and place that could not be replicated. Bottom line: think outside the box and be creative!”

In addition to a one-of-a-kind proposal, couples often seek a ring that reflects their story and style. According to Becker, fancy shaped stones are on the rise, but round diamonds and classic settings like solitaires/halo rings will always be a top choice. “Not only are they beautiful, but they are extremely versatile.”

He also notes that oval shaped diamonds have been really hot since 2017 and their popularity is increasing. Emerald cut, marquise, and pears are also making comebacks. Recent celebrity proposals with pear-shapes include Paris Hilton and Cardi B. Many will surely be asking for “the Meghan Markle ring” which features a cushion cut center with round side stones.

For the alternative bride, colored gemstone engagement rings with sapphires, rubies, colored diamonds or other durable colored stones are a great way to stand out.

One of the most difficult problems facing many couples is finding a wedding band to match their engagement ring. A custom design will enhance the look of an engagement ring, while providing that delicate balance needed between the engagement ring and wedding band.

 Whether shopping for an engagement ring and/or wedding band, platinum is now an affordable luxury

Styles come and go, but fine craftsmanship has always been prized throughout the ages,” said Becker.

Wedding band trends include:

1. Contrast: if you’re not sure if you want a classic or contemporary engagement ring, opt for a classic style, but have fun with your wedding band. If the engagement ring is white gold, pair it with a yellow gold or rose gold band and vice versa. Also, don’t be afraid to mix designs and shapes. Geometric wedding bands with marquise-shaped diamond stations or cut-out designs are really popular too.

2. Ring stacking continues to be popular because it combines bridal and fashion jewelry. Brides can have fun mixing metals, shapes, and stone colors to create a personalized ring stack to wear with her engagement ring. There is no right or wrong way to stack. Often referred to as anniversary bands, they can be given for any occasion: anniversaries, birthdays, job promotion, birth of a child, or just because. “Tell your love story throughout your marriage with your ring stack,” suggests Becker.

A diamond engagement ring is one of the most important jewelry purchases many people ever make and we want to help every couple find the rings that they will enjoy for a lifetime,” said Becker. Make sure you have a peace of mind guarantee plan, which is available with most diamond engagement rings.”



Since 1978, Becker’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry has been serving the Connecticut community by offering exceptional values on high quality diamonds & fine jewelry, along with a vast Estate Department featuring antique & vintage jewelry and pre-owned Swiss watches, while building trust and integrity. Over the years, Becker’s has become a member of the Leading Jewelers Guildand Preferred Jewelers International. Visit their flagship store in West Hartford at 65 LaSalle Rd or Old Saybrook at 105 Elm St. Each location features a Jewelry Service & Repair Studio as well as a complete Custom Design Department. For more information, call 1-888-BECKERS or visit,



January 2018 is the one year anniversary of the controversial Women’s March across America.

While they say they want women’s voices to be heard, it is clear that they don’t want to hear ALL women’s voices.

At Winning For Women, we are proud and thankful for the First Amendment. But we are disappointed that the partisan Women’s March failed to represent the greater community of women in the USA who believe in women’s empowerment and are working towards it – in their own ways.

Instead, they criticize OUR use of our freedom of speech, our freedom to form our OWN opinions, and our freedom to vote for who we feel will best lead our country.

The women who marched also shamed those women who didn’t. They called us traitors to our gender.

Having different opinions does NOT make you a traitor.

Winning For Women supports women (and men!) who embrace free-market principles and a robust national security agenda. We welcome those with a variety of viewpoints and don’t disparage those who disagree.
For more information contact